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#sofa4manhattan: exciting crowdcrafting project by Design-Apart and Berto Salotti!

Berto Sofa4manhattan crowdcrafting projectAmazing co-creation project, #sofa4manhattan: co-designed by 12 New York based designers in January, completed last saturday at Design-Apart by Berto Master Artisans together with designers, makers and NY citizens.

It’s great to see co-creation evolve in such a sophisticated project: from the time when, in 2013, we invented #divano4managua together with our client Berto, to this US-centered development, opening a brand new territory for Berto products, thanks to the Design-Apart approach.

If you want to know more about the crwodcrafting session of March 29th, here’s Berto Storify, whereas if you want to get a complete picture of the 2-month process, see Design-Apart one.

We are happy and proud to be partners of Berto, Design-Apart Usa and Design-Apart Italia.

Design-Apart and Berto cocreation in New York